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11 November 2005

indians: officially on my shite list

i just requested the holiday schedule for the site, since, i mean, they took off several days ago for diwali, festival of lights... reply: we are not going to have christmas or new year's holiday. i'm stuck in this fukking place over christmas. bad enough i'm not going to be home, but i'm going to be here where it is hot and smelly, stuck with this customer, eating curry with no snow and no presents and denny's late xmas eve, no xmas eve church service, and the hotel staff being overly nice cuz i'm gonna be overly pissed. it's going to suck. at least emma gets out of here for a few days to get her visa, not sure if she's going to be able to take her R&R at the same time. i'm gonna try to get us all out on R&R, but who wants to come to india over xmas? surely no one, but i'm trying. this sucks. everything sucks. see prior post about aforementioned plan to jump in the washing machine. i gotta go be pissed, punch some walls or something.


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