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16 November 2005

my festering limb update

no, not really, it is getting better, not hot at all now, swelling and redness down. i should hope so with the 5 or so different medicines they've given me. i've never taken so many pills before, i almost need a pill box(MOM?), and they want me to go a month!!!

i was messing with my template today. i don't like the font of my post titles AS IT IS IN THE TEMPLATE, so i add some HTML in the subject when i'm making the post to override that. i figured since i've done over 100 posts, i should figure a way out to fix it in the template but all attempts failed. i'm not the guru i wish i was and the EX guy who was here ganked my awesome HTML book. dammit, so i'm flying by the seat of my pants, and apparently they don't have very good aerodynamics.

not much exciting today, same ol' customer shite. kinda of a blah day. it sucks we work 9A-8P. we waste a lot of the morning and get back so late that by the time you get your shitein' and showerin' outta the way it's like 9 or 9:15PM. you only have a little ofver an hour to go to the bar and get some dinner and drinks. not only are they fukking us out of our holiday, they are fukking us out of a social life. if you are working 7-12's you know you aren't going to socialize much and you go with it, but if you are working 10's that start at 7A and end at 6P (fukkers don't even pay lunch), you have a lot more time to do something at night. INDIANS!!!

anyways, we finally saw ramesh 2 nights ago at the bar. he hadn't been in for maybe 2 weeks and we were starting toget a bit concerned. turns out he had a death in the family. it's someone he met, his grandfather. the guy was really cool though we only met him once and briefly. skinny fella with thick glasses, apparently he was pretty much stone deaf, still he looked happy enough. he'd been a lawyer, as was his son and then onto ramesh. he spent his days translating (i forget what) from english into telugu, the local language (or vice-versa). he was a pretty cool dude from what we heard of him. i was a bit sad to hear of his passing.

i think that is it for now. tell me if the background is doing anything funny. i moved the picture from myblogsite (as it is shutting down) to flickr. also, can you still see my countdown/time/date things at the top, i'm having issues with them. thanks for reading, please come again. and when the hell did i get 2600+ hits. i barely remember 1000.


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