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12 July 2006

a possibly long picture post about our weekend in vizag, part II

no pictures in this one

SATURDAY evening (8-july-06) saturday night is apparently "disco/pub night" in most of india. it seems the pubs/clubs are only open on saturday from 9PM or so until midnight. emma, our indian excitation TA (we'll call him rahul), and myself decided we'd go check them out. we've heard of only two, a british pub-like place called 10 downing street (10DS from now on), and a nightclub called chrome. after our exciting walk around the fish market and a shower, we met up and left the hotel in search of a rickshaw. we were told by the hotel that the places we wanted to go wouldn't cost more than 15 rupees ($0.33) by rickshaw. now we don't carry change that small so we figured, eh, we'll give the driver 50 and make his day. so we go out from the hotel, and we find a driver right there. we tell him where we want to go and he says 150 rupees. WTF?! THAT'S 1000% MARKUP FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE!!!. now, i know these guys don't make a lot, but there is an issue of principle here. this place is corrupt enough, we don't need the less-than-middle man screwing his fellow drivers by marking up the white person fare. i walked off, "fukk that". the other two followed slowly and the driver hopped in his rickshaw, coasting down the hill after us. "100 rupees, 100 rupees". everyone agreed it was too much, and the guy was going to hound us no matter because no matter how low he went, he was going to be making a killing. the others were content to find a guy for 50 rupees, but i finally caved after a couple of minutes of stalking at 100 rupees. it didn't matter, i wanted a beer.

we take the rickshaw to 10DS where we get out and walk up to the entry podium. 10DS is on the 3rd floor of what seems to be a business building near the city center. we had to get clearance. no stags after a certain hour, etc. blah blah blah (i think emma ran into something like this once they got upstairs). we walk up... rahul and emma can go in, i can't. no short allowed. the gods are not smiling down on me, so i grab the same rickshaw driver and go back to the hotel. on the way back, the conversation goes a little something like this:
DRIVER: sir, girls?
ME: wha?
DRIVER: girls, sir. girls?
ME: no, no girls
DRIVER: but sir, pretty girls
ME: no, i no need girls (you start to learn to talk in broken english after being here a while)
DRIVER: oooooh, madam...
ME: wha?
DRIVER: madam... fukking? (referring to emma being my prostitute for the night)
ME: what?! no, madam... me... friends
DRIVER: friends? no fukking. sir dropping, madam fukking? (referring to emma being RAHUL's prostitute for the night)
ME: NO NO NO!!! jesus!
DRIVER: ok, no fukking, smoke?
ME: good lord!!!
so we get back to the hotel and he says "150"... "ARE YOU FUKKING NUTS?! no way, here's 100, screw off". i ran upstairs found my ONE pair of jeans i own at this point, and come down to find ANOTHER rickshaw. i'm walking down the street, and i see the same guy wanting to come get me but i nod him off. his friend hops in and comes over... i say "10DS, 50 rupees", and he agrees. so once we are in and on our way, he's like "my friend, 100 rupees, me 50 rupees, why?" and here i totally pussed out. i told him that emma was a softie and that SHE paid 100 rupees, not me, i KNOW better. i'm such a punk, i know. she the whole way to the club, he's coughing, and telling me how he has a fever (indian way of saying i'm sick), he had to go to the hospital this morning. the doctor gave him prescriptions for 180 rupees but he could only afford 50... so i tell him i'll help him get 50 rupees more, just get there. "but sir, but sir... i have fever and am going to university ALL DAY tomorrow, sir, please 100 rupees". these guys are major cons. everyone in india is dying or knows someone dying or is needs money to kill themselves. anyways, we got to 10DS, he got 50 rupees, and i got in.

rahul and emma were at the bar (rahul doesn't drink) drinking and eating some snacks. it was decent. i liked it. it was dark, had wooden booths, open... not too bad for an indian british pub. we had a good time there, chilling to a mumbai guest DJ. he moved a lot of buttons on the table, but i didn't hear much difference in the music. i think DJs are like congressmen who like to wear headphones on 1 ear at a time. they make it look like they are doing something, but all they are doing is helping themselves to the booty (both kinds).

it was getting late so we decided to go to chrome nearby before it closed. we were told we could walk, and it was surprisingly nearby. again, we had to wait for an elevator. there were signs posted "no stags after 8", etc., but we got in no problems. i like dance clubs. i don't know why, i don't dance, but i like dance clubs. this one wasn't too bad. rahul went home, i think it was too loud for him. that left me and emma. the club was nothing special, dark atmosphere, loud music, lot of people... but i liked it. we ran into an indian who wanted to talk, and lots. we gave in for a bit then emma did a good job of blowing him off and we went our own way. getting whiskey's at a club bar is SO much tougher than getting beer. i'm never doing that again. it was a good time. i even think i danced, damn emma and he wily female charm. when we left we ran into the indian guy again. he wanted to give us a ride home in his car, but we opted for the rickshaw. now THIS guy was good, he took 50 rupees like it was the way it was supposed to be. i liked him. we went home, and slept.

and then came sunday...


Blogger Mike T said...

Part III? Where is it? Yeah yeah I know I'm an impatient fukker, but the suspense is killing me.

3:43 PM, July 13, 2006  
Anonymous jean said...

Glad you had such a nice week-end...your blogs are so great,its almost like being should have been a writer...talked to ej yesterday, shes home getting ready for the wedding...she's hoping you make it...we all are keeping our fingers crossed that you get here...take ya mom 2

7:12 PM, July 13, 2006  

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