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14 July 2008

drill oil now... FOR ME!!!

i try not to be political, but this was an accident. deadliest catch just ended on discovery+2, and i was flipping through my usual channels, and JUST as i was flipping past CNNi, GW popped up with a live press conference. i know it's stupid (and a personal analogy that won't be useful to anyone but the people working with me), but it's all finger-pointing. onsite, we let the client know where they are lacking in superivision, quality and safety. instead of telling us how they are going to fix it, they instead reply with parts shortages, incorrect parts, etc. in effect, no progress is being made, and it sucks. this is all i heard from the latest press conference. A LOT of people are unhappy with GW... his foreign policy, his domestic policy, his trademark flubs during "freetime" in his speeches. the fact that he is an oil-monger from an oil-monger family who was in bed with the bin ladens, and in his latest speech, he's asking us so nicely to (paraphrased) please, we need to drill for more oil, the po' folk really want it. he actually went as far as saying that every dollar spent on oil price hikes take away from money spent on americans putting food on the table. this is a case of causality. simple psychology. yes, the more gas costs the more food costs AND the less there is to spend on it... but why is the oil costing more. because you decided to wipe your ass with the constitution and "checks and balances" and decided to fukking attack a major oil-influencing country with no recovery plan, no plan for infrastructure development. this was a war plan written on his nap mat in crayon (revision made by snotty sleeves). instead, you blame the democrats for not wanting to put money in your pocket by drilling oil when oil is so expensive now because you wanted daddy to be proud of you.

i'm gettinf off track. i'm actually pissed, and i wasn't going to be pissed today, i was going to paint. thanks a fukking lot, GW. i don't know how this general commentary on our current imbecile president became a theoretical first-person "letter to the president", but it did. i gotta go. more non-political stuff later.

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Blogger themom said...

WHEW! If you're pissed just say so...I am so proud of you. Could not have said it better!!

9:38 PM, July 14, 2008  
Blogger B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

You see what G.W. said today (7/15)? First, he says Congress has to immediately help mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (weren't they a 50's music duo?). Then he says the nation's financial system is "basically sound", as the government takes over IndyMac.

Theory: {land, there isn't more of it}: companies give loans to people who couldn't and will never be able to make the payments, 2.once the intro rate (the scam) has passed and payments are missed and bankruptcy declared, the banks take the land, 3.with all the defaults, government bails out the mortgage companies, keeping them from bankruptcy 4.lenders become more tight with who gets loans, 5.wealthy only get financing, 6.wealthy own all the land

7:06 PM, July 15, 2008  

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