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02 May 2005

oh the torture

i apparently like to torture myself with coding. i know fuck all about html and it took me most of the day (taking intermissions for work) to code that little crap title header box in the upper left corner. thank god there is more than one webpage on the internet that i can look at for an example of how to code something SLIGHTLY intelligible.

i'm strangely attracted to coding as a hobby. i took C++ and Fortran 90 in college and consequently forgot most of it on the walk home from the final exam. lately i've been goofing around with calculations in Excel of all things, and now i'm trying my hand at "piecing" in html. granted, this blog is plug-n-play, but to get that thing in the top left there, i needed to do some minor coding. maybe i should buy a book, not sure if they are available in the neck of the third world. all the grow here is IT help desk personnel. every block has 2-3 IT institutes.

so now i'm torn between two blog places. at, there seems to be more tools, options, and a more organized setup, but it is less fluid (i want a black background, but it seems you have to pick from a set 24-templates and non are black). then there is it is more laid back, feels a bit more relaxed, it is a lot easier to fudge with the html code itself if you want to change anything (plus they have a cool template i like), but i feel it doesn't have the same streamlining and organization this has. so i think i'm going to mirror posts on both of them, then ask everyone which they like the best (because i'm sure you all care). later.


Blogger Jared said...

I like this one better. The other one looks too mass-produced -- like you just threw something up on yahoo or something.

1:35 PM, May 02, 2005  

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