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14 July 2008

there should be a law...

against skinny people in a gym. in particular, skinny people who buy a panini sandwich from the "in-store" cafe and then have them heat it up, spreading it's cured-meat-and-melted-cheesy-goodness smell over to my elliptical machine. WTF?! i was hungry already when i went to the gym, but this guy almost made me homicidal. i have a stationary bike at home i could ride for 30 minutes, but going to the gym removes the element of "boredom temptation", you know, "eh, i'm bored, and it's more fun to grab a sandwich and a beer instead of riding that damn bike!". yeah, so the one place i thought was safe has now been defiled. it's going to take a lot of therapy, but i know i'll have to go to the gym again in another day or two.

in other news, i'm almost done writing the last installment of my australian holiday overview. i had some really witty to write about last night as i walked in the door from the accursed gym, but i've forgotten it now, so i just needed to bitch about waif-boy, and let you know, i've not forgotten how much you love my pictures.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't they have any team sports out there? Like a Masters rowing, cycling, running, or swimming club? You might benefit from the camraderie and positive peer pressure to show up for practices.

10:58 AM, July 14, 2008  
Blogger dapolishprincess said...

whatever tell him there are germs at the gym, cnn just did a special on it. hopefully he'll get giardia

6:26 PM, July 15, 2008  

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