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05 May 2005

toughbook my ass

TheGeneral has blessed its field engineers with the biggest waste of computer space possible, the panasonic toughbook. the only thing i like about it is the touchscreen, and i've come to like the built-in handle, though this is only necessary because the thing is a brick.

to it's merit, i've dropped the thing, spilled things on it, tossed my bag across the room forgetting my computer is in it, and it still boots up. in that sense, it is a toughbook. but, the thing runs so hot that it destroys everything important inside it. i've had 4 new HDs in the past 2 years or so. i think this heat also leads to some strange schizophrenic tendencies on the part of the computer. it'll boot up, crash saying that a file is missing or corrupt, and reboot with no problems. the case also has a strange short in it. once the paint has worn off where you wrest your wrists, if you are sitting barefoot, prepare for voltage. certainly a waker-upper.

this all leads to my infrequent posting of late. along with the over-heating, the power packs are absolute shite. drop em once and they are done with. that being said i dropped mine and being in the middle of nowhere india, i'm having a hard time finding a replacement. so i'm e-mailing this in with the 15% battery i have left.

i'll be back in a few days and keep the comments coming, i'm taking them all into account. later kids.


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