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14 April 2007

my imus perspective

as i've said before, what don imus said was stupid, insensitive, etc., but i don't think it is all that the media is making out of it. in the sake of PC-ism, his wife, deidre, even said that she met the women's rutger's team and called them "beautiful and courageous". ok, come on. way to kiss ass to the media. they may be beautiful, but that is beside the point. and courageous??? where does she get that? they are courageous because they, what? didn't cry to mommy when a guy most of them probably never listened to called them a name. it isn't any more courageous than when it happens to kindergartners. courage has nothing to do with it. more recently, has a headline, "Rice calls Imus' on-air attack 'disgusting'" referring to condaleeza rice. this was not an attack. rush limbaugh makes "attacks" against femi-nazi's, etc. if anyone heard the recording, it wasn't an attack, it was an off-color, inappropriate statement made as a joke. imus wasn't even the first guy to say it, it was said by his sidekick (i'd guess), and then he repeated it with different wording.

we have the freedom of speech guaranteed to us, and it protects everyone, even stupid, spur of the moment on-air moments, even moronic presidential ad lib slip-ups. the only time freedom of speech isn't guaranteed is when it is harmful to the safety of the public (yelling "fire" in a crowded theater). if anything, the rutgers team could've filed a slander/libel suit, but that should've been the end of it. instead, sharpton and jesse jackson (both "men of the cloth" hah, failed politicians and fairly well off financially) pandered to the advertisers who don't want to offend their consumers, so they pulled their advertising. that is horseshite. that we pander to advertisers to pay for our shows. where would those advertisers be, if they weren't paying for their airtime? there are only so many billboards out there. maybe internet popups, but then consumers hate popups.

i'm a bit off track. i just can't believe how idiotic people are acting over this, and to find out where the power in this country lies... advertising. yea! like i said, i'm a bit off-track and this is more of a stream of consciousness thing, as i had a bunch of different threads to talk about on this subject. enough for now, maybe i'll go play in the rain.

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Blogger themom said...

I am so proud of you - I couldn't have said it better. As for Shrpton's statement about they are "just getting started" and now going after others in the media - I think he needs to start w/ the Rap and Hip Hop artists and their bigotry.

6:14 AM, April 15, 2007  

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