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09 April 2007

bristol picture blog (all pix clickable)

two weeks back (almost three now), some of the BTBz went to bristol, TN for the NASCAR nextel cup race. we went down on a tuesday to party the week away through the race on sunday, then back to the valley on monday. here are some pix of the party.

the biggest buggy in the world... and motorized!

my sleeveless robe for the hot weather. i'm too sexy for my sleeves, too sexy for my sleeves... another GREAT robe pic here

me with the merchandise haulers in the back (and improvised duct tape cooler strap)

michael waltrip signing stuff at his trailer (sadly because he having trouble qualifying for the races in his new toyota)

the US flag... i love crowd participation

more participation, this time, BRISTOL

passing the torch? TheRuss has ChumpAss drive the van and trailer home from bristol, getting him ready for the fall race

those are the highlights. if you want more, you can see all my 2007 bristol spring pix here.

and, btw, the pano at the top is from the busch race on saturday and the one at the bottom is from the cup race on sunday. i LOVE panoramics!

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