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25 March 2008

TheMom - to visit egypt in the next few months

i surprised TheMom with an invitation to come visit me in egypt. she took me up on it, and we are now trying to arrange a good time to come. today during lunch i was looking at flights on to see what was available. TheMom has kind of a bad back so i wanted to get her business class, but woo-wee it's $$$. i never pay attention when TheGeneral is paying. yikes! i'm looking and looking and then i noticed an airline i didn't recognize.

hah, i almost considered booking TheMom on TWO helicopter connections. i'm wondering what kind of son she'd think i was then. i'll keep looking.

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Blogger themom said...

Thanks for the offer, but when it comes to being too expensive, forget it - I won't be upset. You will just have to fund a cruise for me!!! haha

6:06 PM, March 25, 2008  
Blogger themom said...

...also thinking helicopters may be cool - 20 minutes total flying time too - big whoop! Very interesting.

8:06 AM, March 26, 2008  

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