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22 March 2008

a blah week

whew! that last post really took it out of me, sorry i've been away for a while, but someone commented that they were going to quit reading my site if i didn't update, and i'm a comment/visitor/webpage hit whore, so here it is.

not much excited has happened of late. last weekend, jules, TheMech and i went golfing at the JW marriott. jules took up golfing in doha, and when i found out, i said we had to play, and i put $100 on the line that i could beat her. we played their 9-hole course which you need an escort to take you too, because the first hole is across a couple roads and through a housing community. after golf, we grabbed a late lunch poolside near the awesome water park the hotel has. btw, i lost.

this weekend (thursday/friday is the weekend in egypt) was a holiday. thursday was the mohamed, the muslim prophet's, birthday, and friday was mother's day. thursday, the three of us were able to get a 1:40pm tee time on the 18-hole course. it was a pretty nice day, sunny, no TOO warm, i was feeling inspired, so i upped the ante... double-or-nuthin'. the 18-hole course is really nice, and we're more hackers than golfers, so we had to let some of the better golfers play through on occasion. i had some nice shots, i had some awful shots, particularly since the front 9 has water EVERYWHERE. jules wanted to just buy one box of balls (Qty. 15), i suggested 2 boxes. after the front 9 we stopped at the pro shop to get a THIRD box. it was a bad front 9. eh, the back 9 was a bit better, but i have to admit, i lost again. i'm down $200 to jules, but she WAS shooting from the ladies' tee. after golf, we dined at the italian restaurant in the hotel. the restaurant had a dumb-waiter to bring food from the kitchen upstairs where we were seated. just before our dinner came, there was a large crash, and we looked over the railing to see that somehow the dumb-waiter had fallen to the ground floor with a full load of meals.

friday, we lounged at TheMech's rooftop pool, playing cribbage and tawla (an egyptian version of backgammon). i decided i needed something to motivate me to do better at games, so we are keeping track of our records while in egypt. until yesterday, she was up 7-1, with a 5-game win streak, but i broke it yesterday with an impressive comeback win.

that's about all for now. sorry it's not up to my usual witty par. i'll be inspired later.

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