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02 April 2008

almost on my way

well, in 12 hours, i'll be waking up to get ready for my trip to the airport. i fly out at 6:30AM egypt time (12:30AM eastern US time), and i get into pittsburgh at 9-ish that night. i'll get home by, oh let's say, 11PM. i'll have to see TheNephew if he's up, because i have to leave the house around 9-10AM to get to columbus to prep for Chump's bachelor party i'm "throwing" on friday. we wanna start early, and use taxis all day. i'm not taking my work computer back to the states since i recently bought a new IBM for shites and giggles. if i can get it working at home, i'll use it. if not, i'll use TheMom's to update, though i don't promise regular updates. i'll be back in egypt the evening of the 16th. if i'm not too tired, i'll say hi, and maybe show off my new haircut, IF i get it. i was REALLY surprised to see the "YES"s take the lead today. until then...

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Safe journeys, brother. Sorry I won't see you in NYC!

7:13 AM, April 04, 2008  

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