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03 April 2009

in other news...

TheRing is finally paid off.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That thing is bad karma. Couldn't you sell it back to the store you bought it from?

Or do you *want* to keep it?

10:33 AM, April 03, 2009  
Blogger themom said...

He never gave the ring to her - so it is not "special" in that way. Changes can be made to the ring - when that special "one" comes along. The ring is only appreciating in value - and it is in a safe place. With the economy such as it is - buying back a ring is not necessarily an option.

10:54 AM, April 03, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

i don't "want: to keep it, but it is a nice ring. i'm not very good for picking out jewelery, but i think i did quite well. i'm just going to wait until the economy shores up. if it doesn't, i can barter it for food and water. it's a good diamond so i should be able to get a good price on it. then i'll buy something fun.

11:19 AM, April 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, makes sense. When you can get a good price for it, trade it in for some beer.

Or make a beautiful necklace for your Mom. She probably deserves it more than anyone else.

Enjoy your weekend...

1:51 PM, April 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog looks cool, but every time I look away from the monitor I see blurry lines of text. This makes me turn the page style off so that I don't see stars.

Oh, and do whatever the hell you want to with the ring.

11:12 PM, April 03, 2009  

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