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11 October 2009

R&R alpha - (day 12/13) - things are getting blurry

12-october-2008 after having passed out around 5AM, we stirred a bit around 9AM, did some basic diagnostic tests, and realized we were still in non-functioning states. we tried again around 3:30PM with better results; that is, this time we made it out of our respective beds and managed to clean ourselves up. as i've stated before, TheWayne is a bit of a wandered, and that was the plan for the day. we knew a few places we wanted to check out for a drink or dinner, but if we didn't make it, so be it. after a bit of walking, we ended up at a place called "atmosphere". we grabbed dinner which included ONE ENTIRE POUND of potatoes. that's a LOT of fries. if i do recall, it was a decent place with funny drinking signs on the walls. after the grub, we wandered some more, and ended up at some sort of hipster bar called "kvarna praha" or something. baby blue walls, low lighting, and ABSINTHE!!! we grabbed a table where TheWayne ordered something sensible and i ordered an absinthe with a pepsi chaser. i've had absinthe before in india, and it tastes pretty foul. it's a strong licorice-like flavor, but worse, but hey, i'm all for legal tripping. it didn't work in india, i think we drank it too fast and just got drunk. this time i only had a small one, and i took it slow. again, funny faces were made, there were no hallucinations, but my face got flushed and i felt light for some reason. sadly, after this, again my memory fails me a bit. i think we went to a place called "musketeer", and maybe another place called "coyote"? my notes say something about arna beer being double trouble. i wish i could help you guys understand that, but that's what TheWayne is for. we must've had a good time, because i documented that, we again crashed out around 5AM.

13-october-2008 i think our livers were starting to fail. not really, but if they were, i wouldn't've been surprised. we dragged ourselves out of bed at 9AM to get cleaned up and checkout of the hostel around 10AM to get to the train station to make our way back to munich. we caught the train with no bother, and met two american girls who were backpacking around. they'd been touring some beer factories the day before and were now headed back to munich as well. we were running a bit late, and saw that our connecting train was already in the station as we pulled in. we barreled out of the train leaving the girls behind (they were going to wait and catch a later connection instead of hurrying with their big packs). it was short run, but i had a big suitcase so it wasn't ideal, but we did make it to the train with a bit of time to spare. we were surprised to see the girls decided to make the run as well and caught the train. TheWayne had found a small hotel barely a stone's throw away from the entrance to oktoberfest. we booked in, dropped our stuff off, and then made our way to the Augustiner for dinner. nothing much more in my notes. the end of the trip was nigh, and we may have been slowing down a bit, or the brain cells had been irreparably damaged. two more days and we'd be leaving germany and oktoberfest for good, and this, the longest story ever blogged, can be finished.

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