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30 April 2010

nomadic tendencies turns 5

wow, it's been a while. i'd like to blame being busy as to why i haven't updated. i'd like to blame trips to the hospital. i'd like to blame work. despite all of those being partial causes, the biggest cause was laziness. a brief update on the latest news...

in november, i finished work in egypt and went on holiday in jordan and spain. i have pix i still have to post. TheMom had a heart attack and i had to come home. TheMom got better, and i got worse. in february, i was diagnosed with diabetes. what kind? they can't tell. i've since regulated it with insulin, and i think if i get to exercising regularly i think i might even be able to come off that. i did a few small jobs around the US. i worked in oswego, NY where TheDad did some philandering. i worked near tampa, FL, and visited TheBrothers in Ft. Myers, then TheMom had an episode of flash pulmonary edema where she stopped breathing. i rushed home, she got better, we took her home, then a few days ago during a sleep study, she had another episode. Now we are waiting. That's the latest.

Today is the 5th anniversary of NT. It would've also been the 62nd birthday of TheDad. Today, TheMom is having her pacemaker/defibrillator installed (?). I apologize the TheSwedishChefDave who's been dogging me to blog while calling me out on my Mafia Wars addiction. i apologize to my loyal readers for slacking off, i'm really going to try to do better. i have a few other friends who like to call me out for my excuses (i claim my organizational OCD has gotten the better of me since several things need organized, but then that turns into an infinite loop, and i get caught up). they may be making a breakthrough.

sadly, with TheMom's surgery and the few other things i have to do, this update is about over. until next time, here are a few pics.

the superbus... seen at the OSU spring game

it's NEVER lupus! i saw this lovely piece of graffiti every time i went to the ex-pat bar in alexandria, egypt. so that was... rather often.

THIS is the effect of the 9/11 mandatory road naming. good lord!

this is so damn close to how i think i'm going to end up, it's scary.

TheMom and i found this lady driving through the bank drive-thru in her "hover-round"

happy anniversary to NT! my resolution is to make sure i don't leave you so cold and lonely anymore. love y'ns.

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Blogger Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Here's hoping your mom gets squared away and to feeling better soon.

1:10 AM, April 30, 2010  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...


thanks for blogging, I need your blog more than you think, keep looking after your mom, you only have one and she is pretty good at it


12:02 PM, May 04, 2010  

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