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10 May 2005

the joys of the third world

more TheGeneral infinite wisdom... TheGeneral has this lovely initiative called 6 sigma. it's a process quality device that finds the defects in the process rather than in the product, therefore eliminating or greatly minimizing the number of defective qualities. TheGeneral went all drooly over this a couple years ago and 6 sigma-ed everything, which is 6 sigmas weakness. pretty soon you are analyzing the process so much that you aren't even using the process anymore.

this leads to me hating DHL. TheGeneral used to use Fedex quite exclusively and much to my delight. anything we needed delivered was on time in in good condition. but i'm guessing someone sitting in an office fretting over his required annual 6 sigma project decided to 6 sigma our shipping partner. he must've found that Fedex charges more than DHL, made a presentation with lots of pretty charts and graphs and a highlighted "sigma reduction" and the ties all shite themselves. subsequently, we dropped Fedex like a hugh grant hitchhiker and started using DHL.

apparently, this "dilbert" didn't research to see that "yeah, DHL ships globally but like to 1 or 2 cities in each country". i'm particularly concerned about india being that i need an AC adapter for my computer. TheGeneral IT guys have been trying tosend me one, but they say that the address isn't accepted by the DHL online setup screen, so, apparently, they don't deliver here. they do deliver here but through a 3rd-party courier and DHL releases itself of liability once transferred to said 3rd-party. so, now you can't track it, and when it gets here it looks like they kicked it the entire 1000 miles from the one city they deliver to. so i ask the guy to send it Fedex instead, i KNOW they deliver here... dead silence, then "we don't have a Fedex account". like that's any of my god-damn concern. i need an adapter and you have one... get it to me, walk if you have to, sell your first born child, i don't care but do your job!

so they decided to not sell their first born and instead schedule a DHL person to come pick it up, fill out the waybill manually **GASP** and send it that way. i've been tracking it... albany to NYC to london-heathrow to new delhi, INDIA (YES!) to london-heathrow (WHAT?) to chennai, INDIA (so they deliver to 2 cities?!?!) and that's the last update.

i'm guessing they are kicking the adapter to site right now.


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