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15 November 2006

Title Unknown - sorry

about halfway between hassi messaoud and zotti, we heard a strange
sound coming over the C.B. someone was broadcasting for all our listening
pleasure celine dion loud and proud.

well, this place is kinda wierd. it is in the desert so i need the
air-conditioning on in my room all day to have it nice when i get done
work, and i need it pretty much until i go to bed. they also provide
little oil heaters in our rooms but there is no alarm. it is strange. i
need the heater to turn on around 45 minutes before i wake up so the
room is comfy, but i'm not gonna wake up to do that, and if i put it on
overnight i'll be slow-roasted by morning. still, i'm getting by. i
had some GOOD veg lasagna last night (and i don't like veg lasagna),
potatoes and cauliflower, and breaded chicken. it was a good meal. again,
i can't complain about the food here, but the guys here are afraid i'm
going to jinx it by talking about it. apparently, during ramadan when
the regular chefs were observing, they brought in some scabs and the
food was horrendous. glad i missed that. if it weren't for the food,
there wouldn't be much good to say about this site. nothing bad
really... everything is just about status quo as far as things go, just nothing
good if it weren't for the food.

i'm pretty sure most of the next few posts you'll see will be posted by
emma. the page takes AGES to load here, so i'll just e-mail
her the posts, and she can pop em up on the page for all the see.
everyone, be nice while i'm away. i'm taking a bit of a risk, she
could edit and imbue my posts with her personal and socio-political
views and i'd be none the wiser, but i'm gonna have to take a chance.
emma, be nice while i'm away.

by the way the job is going, i doubt i'll make it home for
thanksgiving, but i should be able to be home for christmas and new years with my
pre-approved vacation by the manager that i don't hear from anymore.
we'll see how well that goes. if i had a decent internet connection, i'd
e-mail him to remind him, but THAT is a
perverse fantasy in this place. luckily my company charges a lot for me and
the customer here doesn't want to pay for us to be onsite the entire
time, only for warranty hold points. atill, we are worth it. they've
come to me left and right since i've gotten here asking me if they can
cut this corner or show me corners they've cut and wonder why certain
things don't work/fit... um, "because you did it all wrong, and you
felt you didn't need someone here like me to set you straight. have

well, i need to try to get on the shite internet to check my yahoo mail
and send this post to emma. gotta go. i'll update you as much as i
can as often as i can.


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