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08 November 2006

well, it's official...

i'm off to algeria. i got my passport yesterday and asked for the rest of the week off to go to a wedding with emma and finally meet the parents, but the italians said no. i leave pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon at 1:38 to london gatwick via atlanta. then i hop on an air algerie flight from gatwick to hassi messaoud. i'll spend the night there then travel to my site. not sure where it is, but i'm taking my GPS locator so i can update the "exiled in:" section in the right sidebar. you can all know EXACTLY where i am in algeria. i'm sad, but i've had some good luck in seeing friends and emma while i was home.

see you all when i get home again, and i'll try to blog more regularly when i'm there. i can't think i'll be doing too much.


Anonymous mom2 & russ said...


We miss you already zac...take care of yourself and are hoping to see you in a couple of weeks....
love ya
mom2 and russ

6:58 PM, November 09, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

seems to be a BIG gap in Mom2's reply up there!!! Told her to get off the sauce!!! Miss ya already baby - be safe - luv ya.


10:22 PM, November 09, 2006  

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