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19 February 2007

i knew it would happen...

well, two things actually.

i knew britney would snap someday. i figured it would be more "climbing the HOLLYWOOD sign in a drug-induce haze" or "sending in photos to be the next penthouse pet" kinda snap, but shaving her head bald... yeah that counts. if she wanted to do it to be all "punk rock" that'd be cool, but it sounds like it was more of an "episode". good luck to her, maybe penthouse is right around the corner.

AND, i knew sirius and XM would merge. about 5-6 months ago when i got home from india, i was talking to someone (conveniently enough, i forget who) about how i thought XM was floundering (more subscribers but WAY less content), and i figured they'd get together within a year. i should work in vegas.

not much other news going on here, waiting for an assignment, trying to figure out when and where jules and i are going to meet up next. i'm getting stir-crazy. jules made out a plan for me to do a bunch of things i want to do for an hour a day, but i can't even get THAT started, how is that?

oh yeah, and i watched the daytona 500 in columbus with the BTBz. mark martin was SOOO robbed of that win. i drove home from columbus today listening to sirius 128, the NASCAR channel, and despite about 70% of the callers calling in agreeing with me, the host was bitching and moaning that no one was appreciating that we watched one of the best daytona 500 finishes in history. granted, we did, but we also saw a gross failure on NASCAR's part because it was the last lap. synopsis... coming out of the last turn on the last lap, a buttload of cars behind the two front-runners (harvick and martin) got tangled up causing a huge wreck collecting most of the 43-car field. mark martin was in the lead when the wreck happened, but harvick had enough momentum to take the lead at the finish line. several years back, NASCAR changed the yellow flag rule for the safety of drivers. it used to be that when the yellow flag waved, you raced back to the finish line. this was all well and good until a few years ago, i believe it was dale jarrett was collected in a wreck and stuck in the middle of the track just in front of the finish line with the field bearing down on him to get to the line. so NASCAR put GPS transponders in the cars and sensors in the tracks so that when the yellow flag is out, the field is frozen in the order they touch the next sensor. no racing back to the flag.

so this radio show host's best argument was that the wreck was BEHIND the two guys running for the lead, so there was no need for the yellow. completely ignoring the reason NASCAR came out with the new rule. he just forgot about the 41 cars (minus the wrecked ones) barreling down on the finish line since the yellow wasn't thrown. what about the safety there? sacrifice the rule and the losing drivers' safety for an "untarnished" win that i don't believe was valid. NASCAR has had issues in the past with inconsistent punishments depending on the driver/team/etc. it looked like they were making progress in remedying the possible favoritism, but this race, first of the season, just really disappointed me in the judgement at the end. i'm not really a fan of either driver, but a rule is a rule, and it should've been implemented, nevermind that the race would've been won under caution... it happens, get over it.

i guess i'll have to get over it myself. BTVJGJHo over at BTBz might be able to expound on the mass media aspect of this. he was on a roll when i left after the race.

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