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06 February 2007


i'm not huge on war, i doubt many people are. if the draft were reinstated, i'd probably hightail it to canada (i hear there are a lot of good paying jobs up there in my field anyways, i'd say it was a business decision). anyways, though i'm not big into war, i love technology and there are some MAJOR strides coming from defense contractors. here is a link to a top 5 high-tech weapons list (that only has 4). the metal storm and MOAB are pretty nice. i'm not sure of the benefit of firing 1,000,000 rounds per minute is, but i like that it can theoretically be done. big numbers are awesome.

if you are into that kind of thing, i highly suggest you check out FutureWeapons online and watch the show mondays at 9PM on discovery channel.

i was particularly impressed by:

season 1:
  • cornershot
  • javelin
season 2:
  • E-SMAW
  • boot banger
  • dragon skin
  • gate crasher

go check it out. i should've worked for raytheon.

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