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26 April 2007


i'm lonely. doesn't happen often. i think the jet-lag may be having a significant part in that though. i left the house at 2:30PM EDT wednesday (7:30PM wednesday UK time). got here 17 hours later (12:30 UK time) only having slept 2 hours on the plane. drive 2 hours to mt hotel, then i had to go directly to site for safety orientation. that lasted about 3.5 hours, and i came back to the hotel to get a few hours nap, a shower, and to meet the guys for a few drinks at 8PM.

a lot of europe uses 24-hour time, so i rolled over at 18:00 and rolled out of bed discombobulated and jacked because i was late (i don't like being late). after rambling around the room aimlessly, the fog finally cleared and i realized 18:00-12 hours = 6PM, i had 2 more hours to sleep, so i did. i woke up more coherent, but still, it wasn't enough. had a few drinks, and now i'm alone in my room at 2AM. i can't sleep; part jet-lagged, but also part, i have to go to work at 7:30PM through 7:30AM, so if i go to sleep now, i'll still be screwed up. i need to try to stay up until about 7AM. doubt that will happen. i'm so bored, and a bit sad.

sad, because earlier today when i got off the plane, i had a voicemail from jules. she sounded sad. i called her back and found out that she had a family emergency and had to leave qatar immediately to go home. i'm sad for her, that i can't be there for her, i'm sad because i'm distantly affected by her emergency, and she's having to fly so much to get home, i don't know when i can talk to her again.

enough blathering, just figured i'd update and let everyone know, i'm here safe, and things will get easier everyday, i hope. later. to quote rich|championable, "love to all". there are a few more people today who need it right now.

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Blogger themom said...

My heart is breaking, and I am so sorry that you can't be with Jules - at a time when she really does need you. Unfortunately life is not fair and such a tragedy is totally unfair. Remember we are here and tell Jules also. Get some rest. And "love to all" is the best statement in the world.


11:13 AM, April 27, 2007  

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