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16 June 2007

and now... for the rest... of the story

ok, i don't remember talking to TheALX at all on sunday. i don't think this was a drunken blackout thing, because i have a pretty clear timeline of the night before and after the apparent conversation. i'm thinking it was more of a nervous that i'm conversing blackout or something. apparently, we talked for about 45 minutes. today, i found out why she thought my name was micah. earlier in the day last sunday, the dayshift TA and i went to sylvan lake, a really nice area with a pseudo boardwalk, beach, pubs, discos, etc. to just hang out, check out the scene, and have a few beers. we were sitting at a bar patio, talking and people watching when TheJess walked by with her boyfriend. i said hi, we made small talk for a bit and (in my social ineptitude) i told her we wouldn't hold her up any more and she and her man could go on their way. she said she wouldn't mind stopping for a drink and talking for a bit (i'm so dumb). so they came onto the patio, we had a few drinks (i tried a gin caesar, it is EXCELLENT. like a bloody mary but made with gin instead of vodka and spicy clamato juice instead of tomato juice), talked for a bit, and then TheALX walked by. TheJess introduced me to TheALX (we'd seen each other earlier in the job, but this talking to strangers social experiment i'm venturing on hadn't yet begun, so we hadn't talked), and TheALX misheard zac as micah. ok, end of the flashback.

on sunday around midnight, i went to a disco kinda dive bar with has pool tables that i'd gone to the week before a.k.a. the place i danced. i tried called the dayshift TA three times, but he couldn't be roused (he told me the next day the phone was RIGHT by his head to wake him up, thought to no avail), so i went alone. there was a chance TheJess, TheALX, and most of the crew might be there. i got there and there was no one. i had a few drinks, scoped the place, got in the way of a few bouncers when the night foreman showed up with another guy from site. i bought a round of beers, they bought rounds of DoubleJacks all night. googly. not too long after TheAlex showed up and games of pool were played, as most of our crew centered around the tables. sometime around this time, TheALX and i started talking. now from here on is all from her. apparently, i flowed with the micah thing, i told her quite a bit about my life story, but she won't tell me what i said (i think she's pulling my chain), and i told her i was from red deer, here, where i'm working. now there is a canadian accent, i figure she would've noticed my american accent, but she didn't. of course, i kinda pick up accents pretty easily, particularly if i've been drinking, so maybe i sounded local. from what i can tell, i fabbed up every bit of some story. when she found out (today) that i'm not from red deer, and my name's not micah, ummmm... yeah, she was nice enough to let it go as an experiment in alter-egoism. next time we run into each other though, i have to be zac.

i feel like an ass, as i don't converse often, and this time i blacked out and started making things up. hahah. what the hell? maybe i'm not built for talking to people, but it was kinda fun, i guess, because even though i was an ass making things up (and i apologized), it opened up a reason to talk today. i'm falling down A LOT and REALLY HARD, but i'm thinking that i'm learning this talking thing, even if it is by learning all the WRONG things to do. fun fun.

looks like we only have one more night. there might be a barbecue somewhere around on sunday i might stay for. we'll see. more updates on the talking experiment later.

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Blogger themom said...

sometimes life is AWKWARD - but make the most out of it. MAKEIT FUN!!!


5:59 PM, June 16, 2007  

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