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10 June 2007

let's weekend (yeah, i turned that into a verb)

well kids, this week's work is done, and i'm heading back to the hotel, have a few drinks (yea TheGlenlivet12), have a few winks, maybe hit the beach, hit some pubs, then a disco. one of the safety girls as at the same dance club i was at last weekend and we didn't see each other (but we weren't talking yet, takes me a while to warm up). we are talking now, i think all the crew is going to go there to ogle her OFF the clock. hah, dumb boyz.

i wonder what song will be on the radio while i'm booking it home, windows down THIS weekend? i miss you and will be thinking of all of you in my own special way. call me, txt me, email me slyght[at]gmail[dot]com, maybe you'll get to talk to crazy zac, or thoughtful zac, or out-of-breath-cuz-my dumb-ass-was-dancing-like-a-fool zac, or one of my many other personalities. be good kids, your first time without a babysitter. no parties, and if you do, clean up before i get home.

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