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13 December 2007

do you remember... AMERICAN GLADIATORS

i think i'm going to try to start a new segment that will be updated sporadically as something crazy hops into my head. and now, to start...


ah the good ol' days with mike adamle and larry csonka in their elbow-patch overcoats or jumpsuits. 'twas a great show with the likes of nitro, gemini, malibu, zap, turbo, and storm.

do you remember getting your domino's pizza dinner and pepsi, gathering around the TV and watching average joes and janes competing against super-steroided muscle-beasts? no, just me? it had such classics as the gauntlet, powerball, joust, assault (with all the air-powered, no-aim-at-all guns), the human cannonball, and of course, the eliminator. i think my favorite was atlasphere. you have these competitors in hamster balls trying to get these potholes to score, and when you score, you get a cold CO2 blast right up your arse. good times. man, that was a great show. ah, and then there was the bungee cord game. the competitors had to jump from a pedestal with a bungee cord on them, bounce of the ground and spring up to get colored balls worth various points from a suspended pole, all the while gladiators are bouncing along trying to stop them.

anyways, this popped into my head a couple months ago when i saw a late-night re-run on ESPN classic. i was amped, stoked, revved... all of the above. just a few days ago, i saw a NEW commercial for american gladiators. THEY ARE BRINGING IT BACK!!! hell yeah. NBC is reviving the franchise, and it'll be hosted by hulk hogan and laila ali. i can't wait to see it. too bad i'll be in egypt, maybe i'll be able to catch it a time or two. somebody DVR the season for me.

for more info on the legend that was the original american gladiators, there's more on wikipedia... where else?

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Blogger B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

set it to record on my dvr. as long as there is no conflicts. I will try to record it for you.

6:46 PM, December 13, 2007  
Blogger themom said...

ahhh...the good old days...loved the show. i was kinda hyped when i saw it was returning.


8:24 PM, December 13, 2007  

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