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23 November 2007

my thanksgiving in south texas

it was cold. like, for me, good weather. wearing my short-sleeve polo shirt, i was comfortable, i think they said it was maybe 45 degrees. the texans were bundled up like eskimos. down jackets, winter coveralls, facemasks, hoodies, the works. it was kinda funny. i actually had a lot of work to do mapping rotor damage since we are planning to pull the rotor today. i was out in the cold, cloudy air all day sitting on cold steel, making some bucks. around 1pm, the customer graced us with a thanksgiving lunch pictured here they also had baked potatoes that i was too full to eat, and i had some pumpkin pie (they had apple too, but again, stuffed). if you can't tell, that is a 16+ oz. steak, corn, texas toast, and a lovely salad. we ate, we got drowsy, we watched some football online LIVE with a cool webpage one of the guys onsite knows, then we went back to work. a full 12 hours was put in, then i went home. i got a bit lonely/bored at the hotel. i thought of all the families eating together, and KNEW there'd be nowhere for me to grab a small meal. i drove past olive garden, hooters, chili's, nothing was open but whataburger, so i had a whataburger meal, whatasized. i hardly ate the fries, but i was thirsty, and i wanted to see if i could say "whatasize me" without laughing... i admit, i smirked.

that was that. today it is about the same temperature, drizzly, and windy, so TODAY, i'm a bit chilly. like i said, i packed for warm weather. i have my micro-mesh sweat-wicking polo shirt on = lots of little holes that let the wind cut right through ya. i had to come back in to the office to put my coveralls on, just to get a bit warmer. today we pull the rotor, today we make 2.5T again, no complaints here. back to work. hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.

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Blogger themom said...

"whatasize me!" I guess we will be hearing a lot of that in the future. Your meal actually looks pretty good. I'm mad at TheRuss - he stayed home and ate bologna sandwiches. Invitations for here and elsewhere and he didn't go. I promised him a good kick in the ass when I see him.


11:49 AM, November 23, 2007  

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