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21 April 2008

been a long time gone

wow! that's been a busy 3 weeks. i hate to leave you hanging like that. i wish i had a big picture post or something to show you how much fun i had, but most of the fun was unphotographable, if you know what i mean **WINK, WINK, NUDGE, NUDGE. no, not really. i guess i should start from the beginning... this may be boring.

i flew home, the trip was rather unexciting which is the way i like it. no need to have excitement at 21,000 feet. oh, there was one cool thing. i flew air france from cairo to paris, and paris to JFK. during the flight, they have an actual camera facing straight down so you can see real-time video of what is passing under you. they have another camera that points in front of the plane that shows you real-time video of the take-off and landing. seeing them lineup the runway from so far away is pretty neat.

i got home just in time to drive up to columbus to throw Chump his bachelor party. on the way, i had to buy him something perverse/goofy; it's a bachelor party tradition, AND he did get me "lactating hermaphrodites" from the porno bargain bin as a gag gift on my birthday many moons ago. so i bought him a tasteful blowup doll and "transexual midgets" DVD. sadly the DVD WASN'T from the bargain bin. you don't want to know how much i spent for it, but nothing is too good for my boooooooy. hah. i piecked up Chump and went to the hotel to wait for the guys for lunch, then meeting up for the activities of the evening. when we got back from lunch, it was a waiting game for everyone to show up. T and JHo arrived after a bit, leaving only red and wasko who called to say they were coming late. our 2nd-floor room had a sliding glass door onto a faux-balcony that faced the parking lot. JHo, Chump, and T were out smoking when a black SUV, of sorts, pulls up. i'm thinking "finally, rick and red" so i grab the blowup doll and hang it out the window, simulating procreation activities on it, until the guy steps out of his truck laughing. the guy... not being rick... with his wife... with his kids... i'm an ass. he took it in good humor, and i think we were lucky enough for the kids (maybe 10 and 12 yrs old) in the backseat not to see my adolescent foolishness. thank goodness for people who can take a joke.

ah crap... i just got a load of work to do during lunch. i'll catch you up later... and btw, who's been BLOWIN' UP the "YES"s in the poll. i left egypt and it was close with the "NO"s leading, i got home, and *KABLOW, the "YES"s had it. i DIDN'T have the time to cut it while home, so jules and i are looking up procedures to do it right so it looks good AND so locks of love can use it. later.

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Blogger swedish chef dave said...


more more more, of your holiday in the good ole USofA, lactating Hermaphrodites, mmmmm

8:11 PM, April 21, 2008  

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