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04 April 2009

R&R alpha - oktoberfest (day 5) - fünf

since i'm going on another R&R very soon, i'm going to try to get through this R&R in the next few days. it'll be tough, but here's to hoping. you can catch up with the previous R&R alpha posts here at the top of the post.

'fünf' is german for 'five'. it's appropriate because this was the 5th day of our trip. i also like it because it sounds like a word for 'fart', and everyone like fart jokes. for example, "OK, OK, it was me... i fünf'd, but i can't help it man, we had sauerkraut with lunch". ok, enough of the jokes.

day 5 started off as most of them did... hungover. TheWayne and i went downstairs for breakfast while TheTav did his best impression of a dead person for most of the morning. once we got him roused, showered, and restored his liver function, we made our way to the last day of oktoberfest. we determined that on the last day of oktoberfest, it seems all the tents are open to anyone. there were no bouncers or doormen keeping people out. still, that did mean it was easy to get a seat. letting the peons in who couldn't afford $1000/table reservations kinda made finding a seat more difficult though we were able to slip past the velvet rope and see many of the tents we were excluded from before. we walked in and about 4 or 5 tents before settling on the löwenbräu tent. now where i come from, that beer is called "LOW-en-brow". TheTav and i had a grand ol' time repeating after the talking lion at the front door. every couple of minutes the lion would move and bellow "LEV-EN-BRYYYYYYYYYYY". apparently, someone else thought it was funny too because i found a vid of it on youtube. click on that link back there. so, TheTav and i are bellowing while waiting to get inside until we actually got in, and it was packed. we stepped outside and found just enough room for three people in the crowd at a table near the wall. there we drank and drank and made friends and drank. we were sitting next to some germans who'd made an impression on an australian girl behind us. she'd sent over a marriage proposal on a piece of paper with her phone number. they read it and laughed and showed it to us. i called the number and left her a message from the american who would marry her since the german wouldn't.

once it started to get dark, we tried our luck again at going inside and getting beer. inside, we met TheJessi (blond) and TheJen (brunette). this part of the night gets a bit blurry. they were both dressed as fräuleins, and i'm not sure if they had a table, but i think they invited us to hang with them for a while. i believe this was our beer source, because as i've said before, you have to be at a table to get served in the tents. throughout the night, it turns out that TheJen had a crush on TheWayne, TheWayne had none at all, i liked TheJen's can-cans, if you will, TheJessi had disappeared, and TheTav was just there for the fun (none up to his standards). TheJen said she lived near our hotel, and she had vodka and red bull at her place, so she invited us over for a few more drinks. she drove us there, stopping at a quickie-mart to get more red bull. we started to doubt that this was a good idea thinking maybe we should just go home due to the possible intentions of TheJen. despite that, we ended up at her place, she was really low on vodka, i think we each had one drink before she ran out. she introduced us to her bulldog, george, which TheWayne took a keen interest in if for no other reason than to rebuff TheJen. we watched some TV, listened to some music, and i believe she said we could stay there, but we asked that she call us a taxi. she defeatedly made the call, and the cab took forever to show up. you could practically see the smoke trails behind us as we left. and that, my friends, is an abrupt end to the oktoberfest story... but it's not over. there are 10 more days left to this adventure.

center stage band at the tent

TheWayne, me, and TheTav

TheJessi, TheJen, and TheWayne

TheTav, TheJen, and TheWayne

TheJen, me laughing my ass of at something, and TheTav all... at the subway station? TheWayne, why were we at the subway station?

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Blogger themom said...

Holy crap...I'm sure you checked out the boobs on theJen!! She is top heavy!

1:35 PM, April 05, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funf my brother: only with umlaut (two dots over the u) or fuenf. That's five in German Five = funf (with umlaut) = fuenf.

10:40 AM, April 06, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

thank you, sir, duly corrected.

11:18 AM, April 06, 2009  

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