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15 October 2009

when you mock

you must know how to do it correctly. see, will ferrell and Co put out a humorous health care PSA about health care reform several months ago. whomever made this PSA to "mock" him didn't do quite as well as i think they could have.

the thing is, will ferrell, is a fairly smart man AND he's funny. he can use sarcasm and wit to get his point across, to emphasize the stranger parts of whatever topic he speaking out for or against. he's not saying that since he is a well-paid comedian, that you should listen to him. he's entertaining, and through that entertainment, he is providing information that people need to hear though they might not know where how to go about getting said information. one of the funnier parts of this mock PSA, i thought, was when they spoke about lobbyists. all lobbyists are are unfunny will ferrells. they push a point they are paid to push. will ferrell might be getting paid for these PSAs, but that is a side-note as they are something he truly believes in. you wouldn't find him doing PSAs against health care reform unless some until-now-hidden point came up that changed his mind. he was against prop 8 as well, not for money, but to spread the word using what he is good at... humor.

all i'm saying is, if they'd wanted to mock the PSA, they could've done better, maybe not tried to copy scene-for-scene the PSA, try something original... like ferrell and Co.'s PSAs are to start.

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Blogger themom said...

YUCK!!! there was nothing in that video to impress me at all. but like you said it was a "mock" PSA.

11:38 AM, October 15, 2009  
Blogger Fast Getaway said...

argh, I had to stop watching 40 seconds in because I became too angry!

1:44 AM, October 17, 2009  

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