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11 May 2005

toughbook my ass, part II

i was luckily enough to have the electricians onsite look at my AC adapter to see if they could fix it, the found the problem today (broken wire on the transformer) and soldered it. all was good in the world. my first real computer interaction in over a week, i was getting serious withdrawal symptoms. so i started downloading my 218 e-mails (!) i'd missed over the week and my computer locked up. i can understand a bit. you should stretch a bit before running a marathon, so i restart and i get the BSoD. oh yeah, blue screen of death...


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! what did i do to bring upon me the wrath of the I.T. gods? so, i called TheGeneral I.T. guys and they have no clue so i get to send it off to delhi to see if they can fix it. that's gonna be like 2+ weeks without a computer, i could very possibly die. keep me in your thoughts.

btw, it was 46°C onsite today, for all those civilized people, that is 115°F. again, keep me in your thoughts.


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