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05 March 2006

BigDog and his crazy Difference Engine

it's a slow day, not much going on for me and not much progress for the mech TA. i've been checking my blogs off-and-on, found a few things i'll expound upon later... good news though, i think i've finished renaming and editing ID3 tags for my new mp3s. i snagged some from a fellow Alstom TA, but the formatting was absolute shite! took me maybe 2-3 weeks to get them alright and i finished today. i'm sure i have some touching up to do, but i can now sync my iPod with my iTunes. i'm so happy. new music. and when i get home, more from ChumpAssFool, and steadman's mom. now when i get back, you never know. iPod only makes 60GB and i'm up to 51Gb. this sucks, i'm gonna run out soon. on to the things i found cool.

check out BigDog. this thing is badass. i even took the time to download the movie on this shite indian connection, but it was worth it to see the engineers kick that some-in-a-bitch. they need to mod this to attach to drunk people's legs, so they don't stumble coming out of the bar.

and what about this difference engine made entirely out of Legos? that took some time, pretty impressive if i do say so myself. this thing can actually figure out 2nd and 3rd order polynomials (i.e. x^3+x^2+x-7=5). now wouldn't that be handy to carry to your calc III class?

hasta luego.


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