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26 February 2006

i miss...

  • KFC popcorn chicken

  • going to the mall

  • NASCAR on sunday afternoons

  • driving

  • going to the cinema

  • TheMom

  • The B-Town Boyz and associated Girlz

  • my nephew

  • teaching my nephew various rude things to do in public that i don't have to deal with while on the road

  • budweiser

  • cocaine er, i mean coca-cola

  • titty bars (kahoot's - a wild place to eat)

  • my CWRU peepz (jay & rach, J&C in maryland congrats again, et al)

  • square pizza

  • snow

  • general american culture

  • gulla's hot dogs

  • titty bars (jills - the best dallas pike has to offer)

  • the F-Bar (a.k.a. sean's)

  • doin' the taps

  • fire in the holes

  • hanging in columbus

  • random BTB sausage-fest parties

  • all the thing's i've bought on the web just WAITING for me to come home and play with them

  • high-speed internet

  • panini's

  • sleeping in

  • sleeping around (hah)

  • euchre

  • living in a city with < or = three syllables

  • new clothes

  • new CDs

  • new VDs (hah again)

well, i guess that is enough for now. i was going to try to make it funnier, but i just can't be bothered at the moment. if you wish, you can send any/all of the above or anything of your own choosing (no liquids please, customs frowns upon that) to:

Mr. Jack
c/o Hotel Anand Regency #219/#417 (depending on renovations)
26-3-7 Jampet
Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh 533 103


Anonymous themom said...

Hmmm. let me see now.. on your wish list, everything you desire is impossible to send. the liquids are OUT, don't have any spare titties laying around, VD's are all up to you...guess you will have to wait till you get home to totally INDULGE!!!


8:56 AM, February 26, 2006  

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