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28 February 2006

TheMom is famous (so is TheNephew)

it was a slow day and i was looking through my pix, sorting, renaming, typical OCD stuff, and one of the office boys saw a picture of me at Redness's (from BTB) wedding with The Mom. the office boy wanted a copy. ah, what the hell, so i printed a copy of the pic for him. he asked if i had any other pictures so i showed him what i had. showed him a christmas picture of TheNephew and he asked if he could have it. i gave him one. not sure what the fascination is with collecting pictures of white strangers, but if it makes them happy, so be it.

i talked to TheNephew this morning (bedtime there). he is excited for me to come home. he wants me to take him camping. he has a nightlight and a glow-in-the-dark sword that he is going to use to cut bears until they are dead. go get 'em, boy, i'll be running. hell, i can't think that i've ever camped. jambo doesn't count cuz it's lots of drinking and there is food and you don't need a fire. the only way i know how to make fire is lots of gas, back up real far and throw a match (but make sure the truck is far enough away that the fumes don't ignite and roll toward it, CAF). i'll do what i can though. should be interesting to say the least. looks like i'll be home for about a month in july, so we can try then. cute little bugger.


Anonymous themom said...

oh man - couldn't you have picked a better pic of me - i look so OLD - you look so great. luv ya baby!! hope this indian doesn't blackmail with the pics!?!?!?


10:33 AM, February 28, 2006  

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