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17 November 2006

nothing of much concern

Note: Emma here. I know the margins are all fukked up on this post, but I just copied it from an email and I'm too lazy/tired/hungry to fix it. The usual wit and humor won't be compromised by aesthetics. Sorry Slyght.

today, whilst walking from the office to the site, there wafted generously into my olfactories the scent of fish. you know, that smell you get when you walk past a river, lake, or other body of water on a warm summer night. yeah, well, i'm in the middle of the sahara desert! that scared me, so i ignored it and walked a bit faster to site. that's all you can do when you are surrounded by thousands of miles of uninhabited sand in all directions.

anyways, we made some progress yesterday. the REAL shims aren't onsite yet, but the customer made some temporary ones up. in this, they are like the last customer... "the illusions of progress is more important than progress itself". sure we can get it close, but once we lift the unit to install the correct shims, things are going to move and we are going to have to do it all over again, but hey... up the them. i know i was like this on the last one month job that lasted 19, but i'm pretty optimistic that i will be out of here in a little over a week or so. we'll see. the only thing that MIGHT hurt me is if the real shims show up immediately after we've done the provisional alignment, then i might have to stay longer to install those and realign, but i'm fairly confident, no matter what, that i'll be out of here before the holidays.

but enough shop talk. how 'bout my teams... hope this isn't too late, but last i heard, OSU won last weekend and are going to kick michigan's ass this weekend in what some people are calling "the game of the century" (as usual i'll miss it). bellaire won last week, and are going onto the semifinals (?) this weekend. steelers finally won another one to put them at a whopping, what, .333? not too bad for the football teams i pull for.

i can't really think of anything exciting for this post, sorry, it was just a bit of snippets of random junk. my best goes out to swedish chef dave" who got a job in qatar that it sounds like he is going to fit right in with. congratulations, hope i can find something i like just as much. emma turned me onto the idea of working for underwriter's laboratory (the "UL" sign you see on just about any electrical/mechanical thing you own). wonder if i'm smart enough... that'd be cool to break things all day. or a crash test center. i could be the dummy.

ok, later all.

NOTE: fixed through MUCH hassle of (yes BTVJGJHo) a super-slow-ass connection. WAHHHHH!!!


Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Whoa. Dude.

I have to read backwards a bit. I'm so poorly travelled, just READING your post makes me nervous.

Rock on.

11:49 AM, November 18, 2006  

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