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03 October 2006

The long road home, Pt. 2

So I get to the airport at 415pm, 2 hrs and 5 min early, and my flight's been canceled. Hahahahah, FUKKKK!!! the gate lady asked why they didn't book me on the same plane out... I told her they were supposed to, we were informed to call the 1800 number given to us for the time. I was given the 620PM flight.

So she got me on a flight that was delayed 45 min due to weather in chicago (surprise, surprise). I'm sitting in the seat. Technically that means I"m leaving on an earlier flight by 1.5 hrs, so more time to miss the connection in ORD because I'm drunk at the bar. Yea!!! See u soon kids, see you soon. Emma... U know. 143
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