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19 October 2006

update coming soon

i've noticed a few of the blogs i read have been shutting down. that is not the case here, i've just been busy having fun to make up for the shite i went through in india. i have TONS to talk about including posting some italy pix, my trip to NYC with emma, the clusterfukk that is arranging a job with my new division, TheNP, and FINALLY documented physical evidence that emma abuses me (just kidding). more to come hopefully in a few days.

and if you are here from one of the many business cards i've been dropping around, leave a comment and i PROMISE it'll be more exciting soon. later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I thought i had worked in some remote miserable places but Russian Sakhalin beats everything out of site, this is like working on the moon and even if they offer me tons of money i will refuse, i have been throwing my resume about again in a desperate attempt to get out of the GE world, i need some regular life and i think i have found a nice project in Qatar, you could end up there on installation, loads of work there, the worlds largest LNG project, we will see and hope to get a normal 40 hour week on married status

speak to you later

swedish chef dave

keep blogging to give me something to read while here for the last 10 days

4:49 PM, October 19, 2006  

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