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07 January 2007

my new baby

a couple days back, TheMom, TheMom2, and TheRuss (TheMom2's husband) decided they wanted to go to pittsburgh to get a great deal on eye exams and frames. i didn't have much to do, so i went with them. i knew there was a barnes & noble nearby and i needed to exchange a gift (sorry jules, but the thought definitely counted, love ya). while they were being examined, i did just that, wandered about barnes & noble, found some nice books to get. i got an iced caramel something-or-other that was kinda crap. it looked like mostly milk, and some caramel on the bottom and top, i forget. the caramel part was good, but the base, ick. it's kinda my fault, i don't much like coffee, but i keep trying it. same thing worked for beer, i figure it might grow on me but not so far (and coffee doesn't loosen me up socially). anyways, after forcing the drink down, i went back to check on the blind people. i figured i'd given them enough time to be done and waiting for me, but when i got back, TheMoms were still being examined and TheRuss hadn't even gone in yet.

i noticed a guitar store next door and decided to waste some time there. it was a cool store, nice layout, no pressure from salespeople. after wandering about for 5-10 minutes looking at different types of guitars, one of the guys came up to me and asked if i had any questions. i asked if they had "travel" guitars since i travel for work so much. he showed me a couple, most of which were basically kids guitars. he DID show me one that is specifically sized to be put in the overhead on an airplane. i ALMOST bought it, it had a pretty need streamlined design, but i moved on. if i wasn't going to get a travel guitar, i was looking for an acoustic that also had electric pickups. most i was looking at were crazy expensive, but near the back i found this beauty. it was $200 and i got the case and a strap for $60 more. not a bad deal i don't think, and it's perty blue-green. now i just gotta find the pix i took of jules's hands before she went to thailand when we were working in india. she went away and i was trying to learn so i took pictures of her hands to practice my chords.

in other news, jules is getting elective PRK eye surgery (like lasik, but she can't get that because her pupils are HUGE) on tuesday, so i'm flying there tomorrow to help her recuperate. i should get there in time to settle in and get to a sports bar in time to watch OSU stomp on florida in the NCAA college football national championship. so, i gotta get packing and maybe then try some chords before i go. woo-hoo. wish me guitar luck.


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