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13 December 2006

I ALMOST wish I was a girl

Yeah I know that is a strange wish, but...

... As I sit here at hotel bar, I see something. If you know bot, I wish to be more social. Tonight, I let a new guest at the hotel follow mw in the "keycard" door without swiping (a security no-no) and did so bu saying "no problem, I just won't tell you my room number so you can't kill me". WTF?! The thing that fall out of my mouth... And I was stone cold sober.

That's my idea of an ice-breaker apparently; joking about felonies that can get one incarcerated for far too many happy hours.

But back to the point... I sit at the bar with 12 other men, NOT talking to each other rather watching the flatscreen plasma TV so we don't have to while there are about the same number of women I've seen congregate together from different groups hooting and hollering at a *GASP* shared table. Please tell me how to be social.

I REALLY don't think it will ever happen.
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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

I'm 40% girl. I don't know how to explain that fact any other way than just saying it.

But dude. Hanging out with girls in NYC makes me NEVER want to be a girl, because of the amount of shit they have to take for being hot.

5:44 PM, December 14, 2006  

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