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14 March 2007

happy pi (π) day!!!

today is 3/14, the short approximation of π. so go out and have a pie (pizza or fruit) to commemorate the day, to think about the joys π has brought you in the past (sure has kept me warm a few nights... i'm not telling if that's really true or not), and for you avogadro groupies/chem nerds, don't forget... mole days is coming up on 6/22 (1 mole = 6.022x10^23 particles).

jules just called me from ireland (around 2am). she woke up and remembered she forgot to call me last night. how sweet, i know. as much as i hated india, we were talking about how we miss getting ready for work together, getting to see each other every day. she was supposed to come visit me tomorrow through st. patty's day weekend, but as is typical in our job, her assignment was extended through the end of the month. that goes back to being jacked because i was supposed to visit her IN ireland for about a week but the job changed to be shorter so i didn't go. now it seems i could've. now, i'm jealous she gets st. patty's day IN ireland. i'm telling ya, that girl get EVERYTHING nice. ok, going back to bed for a bit. happy pi (π) day!!!

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