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29 April 2007

drugs... WOW

THIS is what my college days should've been like. i an afford it now. JVo, J-Rod... mid-life crisis anyone? let's go to STATE SCHOOL!!! hah, that is nuts, but i love stream of consciousness conversations. certain schizophrenics do that by the nature of their disease. some cool writings come of it at times.

btw 1: i updated the clock up to to my local time (so TheMom doesn't wake me up again), and updated the map at the right showing the plant i'm exiled at.

btw 2: before coming to work today, i got the buffet at the hotel (the groceries close too early for me to get anything on sunday). i only ate a bit and asked to get the rest as a "take-away". they did, and i had to sign a disclaimer form! hah, for some reason, i had to sign that whatever happens to the food or me after i leave the premises is my fault. strange. it WAS carved prime rib... maybe i just signed away my "mad cow disease" rights 50 years in the future, damn!

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Blogger themom said...

You took all the fun out of waking you up inthe middle of the night!! Drat!!!

Luv ya anyway!


6:56 AM, April 30, 2007  

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