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28 April 2007

the ZUMEL returns, phoenix-style

that's the phoenix BIRD, not the city, sheesh.

i've finally updated the ZUMEL. i know you've all been sitting on the edges of your cubicle chairs, your significant other's lap, your naughty toys that you got from the back alley store in the seedy part of town that your wife doesn't know you go to, just waiting for the next update. it's been almost 8 months, i know, but i did get distracted.

to make the page, i had to create a whole new keyboard layout on the computer. i'd done this when i created the page, but once i did, whenever i hit the ' or the " keys, they wouldn't show up unless i hit space or a consonant. if i hit a vowel, i got something like ü, or ë, or ö. i didn't know why, i just figured i'd goofed up my keyboard trying to revolutionize the english language (the price we must pay for greatness).

then my computer died while in india, and i didn't want to screw up the keyboard of the new one, so i put the ZUMEL in the box with schrödinger's cat and let them fight it out for supremacy until i got back to them. well, quantum mechanics aside, it seems that i couldn't decohere. i couldn't leave my baby in that box with that mean wittle pooty tat, so i opened the box. there it lay, my ZUMEL, a weak breath but a little bit o' kitty stuck in it's teeth (you GO, BOOOOOY!).

i did some research and found out that i didn't screw up my keyboard, i just modified the wrong language. the "US" language in windows is for, you got it, us americans (in this case, that word IS pronounced "uh-mer-i-kunz") who don't use fancy umlauts, macrons, etc. i'd modified the "US-international" keyboard on the computer and it allows for those silly things. that's why it was waiting for vowels and whatnot. it would turn "' + c" into "ç".

but i digress, i figured out my problem. the second nightshift is always the worst. the first shift you are just getting into it; the second, your whole system is goofy, then from there everything is all gravy baby. that being said, i had to do something to make it through the night, so i remade a bigger and better version of my homemade 'shine, and ZUMEL 2.0 was born. go check it out. it's at the top of this link, and as always, over in the right sidebar. tell me what ya think.

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