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30 May 2007

why can't i sleep? (well, i probably know)

but still, jeez... the NBA game is over, i'm watching yesterday's "the daily show", i'm bored as hell, and i can't sleep. and aren't you glad for that. check out this funny as shite unit converter. there's also a length/height converter. i weigh as much as 188.4511449296 breast implants - 600cc (mmm, bewbz). and if you're curious, i'm also 17.75 human tongues tall.

oh yeah, i found this too. a cop and his wife call 911 thinking they are ODing on marijuana brownies. classic. listen to the anchor snort offscreen. yea insomnia!!


Blogger themom said...

I was playing around with this converter the other day - hysterical!!

As far as the DUMB cop goes - guess he never took any drug courses to find out how slow things go when high on pot!!! DUH!!!
(the snort is funny)

1:40 PM, May 30, 2007  

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