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26 May 2007

a jessica dream

a couple nights ago i had a dream about jessica simpson. strange enough because i don't think about her more than what i read on my blog reading adventures. and you know what... she's pretty intelligent despite what people might think. we had some in depth conversations about real estate. we were sitting on a ledged cliff over-looking the sea and somehow we could zoom in on places around the world, and they kinda materialized in the air in front of us. we were debating on whether to but a huge, old roofless church in ireland or a villa in spain. i can't recall what we chose, i must've gotten distracted or something. and wouldn't ya know it, TheNephew woke me up before we could celebrate our house purchase. jeez.

well, that's about that, i guess.

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

"a couple nights ago i had a dream about jessica simpson."

I was thinking that, itself, would be a really good post.


10:31 AM, May 27, 2007  

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