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17 May 2007

i've done the unthinkable

i bought... golf clubs. when it was arranged that i'd be in columbus from wednesday to sunday, i got a call from T about golfing. i've been before, i'm so far from good, it actually IS funny, but i hate borrowing clubs. i'm afraid that i'll destroy one and owe someone so i'm really timid. ended up, JHo took me to dick's, i got a $200 starter box set, he bought $400 irons, and we were on our way. it was fun. the course wouldn't let us go all five together, so T, wasko, and wasko jr. went first and JHo was stuck with me. man i'm bad. inconsistent, but it was fun. now i'm on columbus and looking for some debauchery. sad thing is, looks like ohio is actually TRYING to push me away.
to the tune of "don't cry for me argentina" from "EVITA"

don't cry for me, you poor dancers
the truth is i'll NEVER leave you
and in my wild days, my mad existence
i'll keep on giving
don't keep your distance
i've lived in ohio all my life aside from work, and they come up with THISbrilliant idea. seriously, wtf. i know i joke around that it is helping pay for their education (and sometimes it really does), but come on, what harm is there? imposing a 6' distance ban means no lapdances, means the clubs will go out of business in a heartbeat.
Citizens for Community Values members did not return calls for comment. Earlier, group member Barry Sheets told a Senate committee that the restrictions are needed because of negative "secondary effects" of strip clubs such as high crime rates, declining property values and urban blight. He said the 6-foot rule is to protect strippers from being pawed by patrons and to prevent drug transactions between strippers and patrons.
i seriously doubt that the citizens for community values really care that the strippers are getting "pawed". most clubs have VERY strict rules against, that and the dancer can have the patron kicked out if he breaks those rules. and this seems to me, to be a freakonomics issue. they are saying that the clubs are contributing to high crime rates, and lowered property values, when in my GUESS, it's the exact opposite. these clubs are forced to open in those types of areas due to the NIMBY attitude of the locals. seriously, what i do with my money, and if it doesn't hurt anyone, is none of your business. what about all us introverted, socially-awkward fellas out there who can't talk to a girl. this might be our only chance. i certainly know when i'm single, they are like little havens reminding me that SOMEONE (acts like they) likes me. that they want to talk to me. it doesn't matter if they're only there for my money, i'm not deluded, but the conversation, the interaction is nice. almost practice if you will. granted going there won't help you with the ice-breaking of a girl, but i DO consider it practice of what to say AFTER the ice-breaking. there is a lot of talking between the dancer and the patron. i think a lot people really don't know the process, all they know is the strip club they see in the movies, smoky, trashy, but they don't see the interaction, the talking, laughing, joviality of the place. but i digress...

it just pisses me of when they try to regulate something that isn't harming anyone. wtf. i'm guessing after conferring with a BTB, that portion of the the citizens for community values (which ironically, are trying to impose STATE values rather than COMMUNITY values by going to the state legislature instead of the local government) group who initiated this ban are a collection of sexually frustrated bitties who are jealous that their husbands actually come home happy after spending some time at titty bars where they are getting some sort of affection, having a good time, living.

that's all i gotta say. i think you can all guess where i'm gonna be most of this weekend "pushing for legislature reform..." go out and do your part. you can see me at kahoot's and possibly other local establishments.

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Anonymous steadman said...

when does it go into effect? we'll have to get our fill of lap dances before then. fukkin republicans anyhow....grrrr...taking away my right to have a nekkid chick sit on my lap is so not cool

10:20 AM, May 17, 2007  
Blogger themom said...

AHA!!! TAKE A STAND!!!! I am so glad I gave a little of myself in the gene pool - you may become a radical yet!! Want to share my soapbox???


10:01 PM, May 18, 2007  
Anonymous j-rod said...

Dude- word on the street is that the constitutionality of the bill is being called into question. I also heard that Strickland is considering taking ye olde veto stick out for a stroll on this one... So it's not over yet, I guess is what I'm saying.
Peace out,

10:20 PM, May 18, 2007  

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