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10 June 2007

i just thought this was funny

yeah, it's kinda nerd-based, but i think everyone might be able to find a hint of humor in this short news story about a missing computer server. maybe i just need to get out and find out what REAL funny is.

tomorrow is my day off. if the weather holds, i've heard of a beach about 30 minutes away (yeah, a beach IN canada, i know) where a lot of site people are planning to go. apparently, there is a lot of good "scenery" there. i'll have to read up on it. maybe not a lot of sleep for me today. no one wants to take the day off (sunday is double time), but the customer makes us. i take advantage of it, but it's tough on nights, you mess up your schedule. anyways. maybe i'll drunk post. have done that in a while. THOSE are fun. later

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