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06 June 2007

blue october

i've heard a few songs by this band on the radio here in canada (since i don't have my sirius up here... hmm, wonder if it works in canada... anyways), and didn't realize they were the same band. granted the guys has a distinguishable voice, i just think a bunch of th newer bands all sound the same so i never really listened for more than background music. i really like the first one here, "hate me", i like the turmoiled relationship part of the second verse the best. then the second, "into the ocean", i just really like the sound of the chorus, the beat is pretty different. i just added their latest CD to my cart, now i just need something else costing $15.01 to get my free super saver shipping. what else can i buy? tell me what you think about the vids. i LOVE comments. and their are some vids and lyrics at the ZUMEL as well.

blue october - hate me

blue monday - into the ocean

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