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24 July 2007

i need a workout buddy

not someone to "spot" me or anything, just someone to make me feel bad for not going, and to make me feel bad when i want to give up after 2 sets instead of going for 3. yesterday, i dragged my self to the gym, since i'm paying $50/month (and that's just for ONE of my gyms, hah). i haven't gone since the breakup in SLC. i walk around the house bored all day, nothing to do, but the gym is daunting. everyone there looks better than me, knows the machines better than me, and the worst, i get inhumanly bored riding a bike or using the elliptical. it's better when i'm lifting (which i don't need to do, i'm big enough), but then i do what would most ostensibly hurt myself, i lift the weight of the guy before me. maybe it's an alpha male thing, which i'm not trying to be, just sizing up myself, see EXACTLY how out of shape i am compared to the super jocks [btw, arms, chest, back... they destroy me, but i have naturally strong legs for some reason (um, to carry my fatass frame maybe), and have yet to not be able to lift what the guy before me has and sometimes, the entire plate rack].

anyways, i should've gone today, but i'm sore, and i'm not motivated. it's going back to my own little version of ADHD. i have a million things i want to do, i'll start them, or try, then get distracted onto something else. yesterday, i only did 2 sets instead of 3, i was disappointed, but i got bored with it. blah. what can i do?

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