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18 July 2007

TheNephew never ceases to amaze me

sure, on occasion like this morning, we were wrestling around, and he clocked me in the nads so hard i was seeing stars and couldn't move for 10 minutes, but most of the time he is saying or doing something so amusingly non-sequitur that i can't help but laugh. here are a few vids i've made recently. they may be a bit big, my camera makes HUGE vids, and i don't know how to resize them.

here, TheNephew practices for the shallow-water belly-smacker olympics

the pool sprung a leak, but he still wanted to swim, so he filled the cooler and tried his hand at bendy straw snorkeling. not bad for a first attempt.

he certainly wears me out, and i only have uncle-y duties to do (usually, sometime more). he's cute though... well he wants to play again, gotta go.

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