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12 July 2007

weekend vacation

i was going to go to columbus, the regular vacation spot. i have nothing to do so i visit my friends and try to drag them out to a bar or three. then i figured, i haven't talked to TheJay in a while, maybe i'll visit him in cleveland.

then, as i was driving down to TheFBar for wednesday night jitterbug (i don't jitterbug, the oldies have taken over the dance floor for practice on W night), i get a voicemail from TheJay to call him.

i call him, as i'm parking, he wants to know if i want to go to belize!!! hmmm, nothing to do, no work, sure why not. his wife works for an airline and they get the BOMB-DIGGITY hook up. at one time, i thought that either jules and i could quit TheGeneral, and the other could get a job at an airline, and we'd be set. one of us gets the jobs, the other gets the cheap global vacation trips, but things ended before they could begin there. anyways, tomorrow i'm driving to cleve-town, then friday we fly to belize, i feel bad about being a 3rd wheel, but 1) he invited me and 2) i'm good at playing dead when people are having sex next to me or in the bed next to me, so all is good. maybe i'll meet a hot central american, hah hah hahahahahahhhaha.

anyways, that's what i'll be up to until my company screws it up tomorrow. we'll see what happens.

i looked at the stars tonight, they were OVERWHELMING, seriously. we have property "up on the hill" and i wish i was in a state to go up there, pitch a tent, and savor them. stars are so god damned beautiful.

please, go out tonight, try your best to get the bright lights outof your line of sight, and embrace the stars. i want a truck, i want a house, but i want a kick-ass telescope so much more. jules and i went shopping once in columbus, and i saw one i wanted... she said i needed a house first to use it at.

grrrrr.... kinda like needing experience to get a job, but needing a job to get experience. you just can't win. goodnight hank c., thanks for the fingers.

oh yeah, i have a bad habit when talking to people as i get out of the car. i called TheJay, and locked my keys in the car. i didn't realize it until i was leaving to go home. luckily TheYoungerSister answered the phone and brought me my spare keys. as much as we don't get along, i have to thank her. "Thanks". going to bed now. b

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Blogger themom said...

sure...go to the caribbean...forget me, the one who LOVES the caribbean more than anything...i will be just fine...alone...NOT in the caribbean.

love the may have to do the blow and hookers IN the new truck.


***tell Jay and Rachel "HI" from the cool mom.

9:41 AM, July 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I went to Belize in College! It was great! But We had to take malaria meds and such... just a thought!! Enjoy!

Jane Ann

9:28 PM, July 13, 2007  
Blogger themom said...

HaHa Jane Ann - I told Zac you went to Belize when in college and he said I was nuts. And I am supposed to be the forgetful one! Take care of the girls.

9:50 AM, July 15, 2007  

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