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27 June 2007

week in reiview

sorry about the lack of updates, i've just kinda been running around like a chicken with my head off and for no apparent reason, i'm not really getting much done.

friday i was in columbus, went to a pretty cool bar called gatsby's that has ENTIRELY too many steps. bars should be as flat as possible, i mean, look at the clientèle. i was worried about tripping over the indoor steps but managed to navigate them perfectly. it was the steps outside that snagged me as we were leaving. i missed the step right outside the door an bit it. the band was packing up their guitars, and i landed on them. after a quick-witted "i was gonna halp you guys load those up, but they are WAY too heavy," i limped away to my friend's car. i haven't skinned my knees in probably 15 years, and i remember why. man, everytime you bend it, the scab cracks and you start anew.

anyways, saturday, we went to ComFest (community festival). i've never been, and it's pretty cool. lots of live music and bewbz. "BEWBZ?", you ask. yup, in columbus, it is legal for women to walk around topless (some thing about gender equality, since guys don't have to wear shirts...), and comfest seems to be a time for those daring enough to let 'em fly. there were some scary ones, but i think i actually saw more good than bad, which i wasn't expecting. there was also some good bodypainting going on. beer prices weren't too bad, all in all, a pretty cool experience i'd like to do again next year. only thing, i kinda wish we went earlier in the day. TheSteadman went down around 11AM for the gay pride parade, but me, JHo, and TheSteadman'sBrother didn't head down until about 6PM or so.

sunday, we gathered at JHo's and watched the race. wouldn't you know it, my rookie of the year choice, juan pablo montoya, whom i just took off my fantasy league, won the race.

came home monday, found out TheEJ was in town so i went and visited her up the street at her mom's and met her husdand. spent about 4 hours catching up and telling stories, it was good.

yesterday, i went shopping for something to wear to the wedding. jules says i should be used to it, but i'm usually IN the wedding, not attending. i know how to wear a tux (and occasional kilt). i think i got something decent enough. if not, i'll show it to her, and do some last minute shopping in SLC since i get in mid-morning the day before the ceremony.

today, i've been putting off packing, trying to round things up i need to take, watching wimbledon, and generally procrastinating. trying to prepare for the weekend is tough. my room has kinda turned to a shambles, maybe i'll try to tidy it up a bit.

tomorrow, i'm driving to columbus and staying with T since he's 10 minutes from the airport. the best flight i could get, schedule-wise, was out of columbus instead of pittsburgh, so i'm going up the night before, chilling, then getting up early to catch my flight.

friday through monday is going to be relationship-related with the wedding and such. i think it'll be a roller-coaster weekend ending similarly to the superman tragedy. i guess we'll see. i fly back to columbus on monday, then not sure if i'm going to crash there or drive home. i should hear from my manager's hopefully by then about my next project.

so, that's what i've been up to, and where i'm going. send good vibes my way in SLC, i'd appreciate it.

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Yeah, back when I was a drinking man, I took a spill down the stairs at The Cedar in Manhattan. Stairs bother me less, now, but I still see your point.

11:40 PM, June 27, 2007  

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