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13 August 2007

shooting stars

TheNephew was allowed to stay up past his bedtime tonight to see some "shooting stars". the perseid meteor shower was supposed to be peaking from around midnight to morning. for a while it was clouding up, and he'd come in every 10 minutes... "is it time?" "is it still cloudy?" etc. we went out around midnight and got to see quite a few nice streaks across the sky. i saw a few more than he as i know what i'm looking for and he was getting tired. he wanted to make a wish on a shooting star (since his friend wished that his grandpa would get pizza... and he DID, wishes are still indestructible). he got to make his wish; eh, i even made a few myself. it was a nice show, but he had to go to bed, and i could use some sleep myself. did anyone else go out and look at the shooting stars with me?

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